I started playing with Jekyll almost a month ago. Today I decided that it was time to make this experiment public.


Years ago I had a blogger blog, and then moved on to wordpress with my own url. For a while I had fun with wordpress, modifying templates and playing around with periodic redesigns…

Then in 2013 I became dissatisfied. I wanted to understand what was going on underneath. I wanted to build my own structures. And I wasn’t too sure about what I wanted public anymore either. So I tore down my wordpress site and put up a single static page. It looked like this.

My site sat like that until February 2016, when I decided to move it and host my site on Github. It still looked the same, but I knew the difference. I knew that I was getting ready to start experimenting again, and this was the first step.


And here we are today. Jekyll up and running. I am buzzing with ideas of how I want to modify and build this space. It feels good and creative.