Last year I started to learn web development. I was working on an old refurbished iMac and I started to feel its limitations – should it really take this long to bundle dependencies?

A Dead MacBook Pro

There was another old machine in our house – my husband’s 2009 MacBook Pro that was dead. It wouldn’t power on at all and it was just sitting in the studio looking forlorn. What if I could bring it back to life and take it over for my work machine?

I started researching. It looked like I could put in a new solid state drive, upgrade the memory, and it would be better than new in no time. I ordered tools and parts and set about the surgery.

Mac Revival

Back to life…

I felt a flutter when everything arrived in the mail. That evening I took a deep breath and got to work. I pulled up a few tutorials for guidance and unscrewed the back of the machine. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to swap out the hard drive. Getting the new memory in was just a bit harder – it felt like I had to push rather hard to get the second RAM chip to click in place. Still the whole process took less than an hour and was delightfully empowering. I’m even considering upgrading that old desktop now.