Personal Topography

I’ve always loved maps.

Mapbox Map of -79.0717, 38.1496 © Mapbox © OpenStreetMap contributors

I think of so much of my personal history in terms of maps. The worn map I used when I lived in Berlin to pick my bike routes. The tourist map of Prague that magically showed me the tiny street I needed. The map in the kitchen at my grandparent’s house in Hull, showing the beach where we swam and the harbor that we could see out the window…

I’d like to start telling the stories of these maps. It’s a two-fold project. On the technical side, I want to experiment with new tools – design and build the maps in my imagination. On a personal level, I want to capture some of these stories. I want to explore the places of my memory in a new way.

So here we are. Staunton is my home now.

Mapbox Map of -79.0717, 38.1450 © Mapbox © OpenStreetMap contributors

This small map contains the streets where I make my home and do my work; the bridge I walk over and the farmer’s market where I buy veggies; the shops and restaurants around my home… There is so much significance for me within the contours of these lines.

I know you can’t see it yet. But I’ll show you. Soon.