A Mapbox map of Staunton, VA

Bird’s Eye View

I’ve always loved riding in planes. I love looking at the patchwork below, seeing if I can identify any parts of the landscape.

Looking at this map reminds me of that. How the the reaching tendrils of country roads spread from central veins; how the denser grid forms, showing a patch of city… It has a texture. I want to touch it like a quilt – feel the grooves with my fingers.

If I could, I would be touching the texture of my own landscape. Feeling home.

A closer view of the Staunton, VA Mapbox map

Zooming in, I look for my house. I can see the shapes. I recognize the little slip of a street we live on. I see the broader strokes all around us. I find the curves and contours mesmerizing. The grids shift around our hills. The streets and rails converge. Beautiful.

The maps above are my first foray into playing with my own styling in Mapbox. It’s really fun. I can’t wait to dig in more.